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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Proud Wife. Devoted Mother. A Sassy Optimist Living My Best Life In Colorado.

My Story Is Like So Many of Yours​
When my sons were young, I dedicated my life to taking care of them. My husband worked full-time so my job was being a stay-at-home mom — and I loved it. I always played it safe and was afraid to take risks.

But I was unfulfilled and realized I was ready for more.

That’s when I discovered life coaching.

The more coaching I got, the more I started to build the life I’d always wanted. I began taking the risks I had always feared before. I landed a dream job working for The Life Coach School and created a career I’d never imagined possible.

It wasn’t long before I decided to get certified myself. Shortly before I decided to become a coach, I found out my biological father was dying. I had the opportunity to see him one last time, and thanks to my coaching, I was able to show up in a way that allowed me to decide who I wanted to be with him rather than allowing my belief system to prevent me from doing so.

That experience catapulted me to see the life I could create for myself.

As I began my journey, I kept upleveling myself to the point where I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore.

I kept breaking through every barrier in my way and decided I’m capable of so much more.

Now I look at my life and realize I have more potential than I ever thought I could, thanks to coaching. I want to share that with others who have limiting beliefs that have stopped them from living the life they want.

If you’re ready to discover your true potential, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start achieving the goals you set for yourself.

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